The MPI Story is One of Perspective & Results

At MPI, we believe that negotiations require more than just great sales skills and a great personality. We believe that the best deals are struck when your media buyer truly understands the media he or she is placing. That’s why we hire team members who have experience sitting on both sides of the media sales desk – as account representatives for digital platforms, broadcast stations, outdoor media companies, and print, as well as accomplished media planners and buyers for advertisers from local and national brands you know.

MPI gets results because MPI understands all the factors that matter when you are developing a marketing campaign – from your sales cycle and budget parameters, to the media consumption habits of your target customers, to the cost structures and inventory trends at major media outlets. We are known for consistently over-delivering (e.g., securing color ads for the cost of black and white, getting thousands of bonus impressions, or booking premium positions without the premium prices) because – quite simply – we know what the media outlets can afford to offer and we have leverage because of the volume of media we place each year. At MPI, everything is a partnership we value – from the relationships with our clients to the relationships with media outlets. We believe our unflagging dedication to partnerships is what makes all the difference.