Chicago Sky

Objective: The Chicago Sky is the WNBA team that plays in Chicago at the Wintrust Arena. Being a secondary sport, The Sky regularly faced an uphill battle with regards to selling tickets and sponsorships. MPI was tasked with generating brand awareness, selling single game and multi game ticket packages as well as helping secure sponsors for the team. 

Approach: MPI utilized a mix of media including paid digital, niche print opportunities and high impact outdoor placements to help achieve the various goals for the team. To help attract sponsors, MPI suggested including co-op advertising impressions targeting specific high-quality websites to be including in sponsorship packages. To help sell game tickets, MPI focused on targeted paid digital media and high-impact outdoor advertising to promote the various home games at Wintrust Arena. All campaigns were customized to match the various themes that the Sky used to promote their games.

Results: Since including guaranteed impressions in their sponsorship package in 2018, the Chicago Sky has been successful in having over 75% of games sponsored, and over 50% of sponsors returned for the 2019 season. Through the customized mix of digital and traditional media, MPI was successful in driving a 31% increase in YoY ticket sales from 2017-2018.