Fresenius Vascular Care (Formerly American Access Care)

The Opportunity

National leaders in outpatient vascular care, Fresenius Vascular Care needed a media plan that targets mostly female patients in several niche markets across the country and effectively promotes their services in dialysis access and the treatment of peripheral artery disease and varicose veins. MPI began developing media strategies before the acquisition of American Access Care by Fresenius Medical Care and continues to be their trusted partner in our fifth year of planning and executing their media strategies.

The Approach

MPI suggested to Fresenius Vascular Care that there is “power in the niche.” With that guiding strategy, the approach was to research and capture highly targeted media positions to reach Russian, Polish, Hispanic and African-American women. To do this, MPI refocused a significant portion of media dollars that had been earmarked for “general audiences”. This tighter, more cost-efficient strategy brought nationwide exposure in key cities that enabled Fresenius to gain high levels of awareness with prospective customers through print, radio, outdoor, and online advertising.

The Results

MPI consistently negotiates media rates for Fresenius that are approximately 45% off the rate card prices, regardless of the frequency of the ad placements. With an average of four ads per year in each major market, Fresenius is able to benefit from the monthly (12x) rate with nearly every media outlet. And the added value is “adding up”: to date, MPI – despite not being a PR firm – has assisted with public relations efforts that have resulted in Fresenius doctors being interviewed by six media outlets (print and radio).

Bottom Line: Now in their fifth year as an MPI partner, Fresenius Vascular Care reports major results from their niche-focused media strategy.

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