Danley’s Garage World

The Opportunity

The largest builder of detached garages in the Midwest, Danley’s Garage World, partnered with MPI 18 years ago to grow their business as the dominant provider of detached garages in the Chicagoland market. At the time, they had a single-tactic approach to getting the word out: they ran print ads in newspapers. They turned to MPI because they were looking for sustained growth, a more balanced and integrated approach to their media, and a stronger sense of brand identity in the region.

The Approach

MPI helped Danley’s Garage World develop a strong “direct response” program for sustained business development. The new approach branched them out beyond just print and has also included a smart blend of TV and radio (including Hispanic networks), digital and billboards. A sustained presence (2x/week) on the front page of the Chicago Sun Times and the Chicago Tribune has consistently driven business and has made their brand a household name. As part of this campaign, MPI created and secured the first-ever front-page ad to run in the Chicago Tribune, with placements across the entire top and bottom of the page.

MPI suggested that Danley’s Garage World could “own” some unique niches in the marketplace, including the WGN noon news weather sponsorships, and opportunities with local sports talent like Chicago Cubs legends Ernie Banks and Billy Williams. MPI also helped Danley’s Garage World to capitalize on the greater Chicago region by expanding (through zoned cable television advertising and regional print) to Southeast Wisconsin and Northwest Indiana. In everything that they do, Danley’s Garage World has one focused goal: generate direct response in the form of phone calls, e-mails and website form submissions.

The Results

Throughout their 18-year partnership, MPI and Danley’s Garage World worked together to create significant results. MPI consistently has secured 40+% discounts on ads that run in broadcast and print. Rotator commercials in broadcast often run during primetime sports and in the highest rated programs. Frequently, print ads that are placed in black/white are upgraded at no cost to color, and are often upgraded to the next size or larger.

Bottom Line: During the 18 year relationship with Marketing Partnerships International, Danley’s Garage World was consistently thrilled with the impact it’s had on their business. They experienced significant, double-digit year-over-year growth, and attribute their success to the creative thinking that drives the media placements.

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