The Opportunity

MDVIP is a membership-based, personalized healthcare program that allows individual consumers of medical services to have concierge-style access to healthcare providers and to receive specialized attention, above and beyond what is typically covered by most insurance plans or available through standard practice. Based in Boca Raton, FL, MDVIP is a national brand (owned by Procter & Gamble) that represents healthcare practitioners and patients across the country. In an effort to add more medical centers and serve more patients/members, MDVIP counts on Marketing Partnerships International to promote and grow their brand.

The Approach

Working closely with MDVIP management, MPI developed a campaign that runs in 85 selected markets nationally that takes advantage of powerful carefully-researched opportunities in online display, newspaper, magazine, and outdoor. MPI oversees and monitors all placements. This holistic, integrated approach to media planning enables MDVIP to reach potential customers in multiple ways at different times while working smartly within a defined budget.

The Results

MDVIP has benefitted in many ways from MPI’s approach to marketing. More than 75% of black-and-white print ad placements have been upgraded to color at no additional cost, and 60% of the ads that have run in main “news” sections have had premium placements in the first 10 pages. All told, MPI has helped MDVIP reduce its media costs by 50%, while still delivering stellar results. In the spirit of “adding value,” MPI also helped secure media stories about MDVIP physicians who have gone “above and beyond” in service to their patients.

Bottom Line: Currently, MDVIP is recognizing double-digit growth nationwide, and shows signs that they will continue to grow at a remarkable pace for the foreseeable future. The MPI-MDVIP partnership is in its third year.

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